Drive Spin DS 140

Drive Spin DS 140

Yüksek hassasiyetli DS 140 aktüatörleri, Drive Spin ® ürün serisinin boyutsal olarak büyük bir serisini temsil eder ve endüstrinin tüm alanlarından en zorlu müşteri gereksinimlerini bile karşılar.

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Ürün Açıklaması

The DriveSpin® DS electric rotary actuators, as the basic type of actuators, provide rotary motion and transfer output torque with high radial-axial load capacity, and are the most accurate and precise solution in their category. The DS actuators are characterized by high dynamics, high flexible drive solution, guaranteed by an AC servomotor, and high robustness and overload capacity of TwinSpin® reduction gear. DriveSpin® high variability of voltage, brake feedback and electrical connections will satisfly customer requirements in many cases. Rated output torque range of the DS is from 18 Nm to 460 Nm.

The high-precision DS 140 actuators represent a dimensionally large series representative of the DriveSpin® product line, meeting even the most demanding customer requirements from all areas of industry.


Parameter   DS 140
Reduction ratio i 69, 115

Rated output torque

T[Nm] 268

Acceleration/braking output torque

Tmax [Nm] 670

Rated input speed

n[rpm] 2000

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